Debbie is a pleasure to work with, over the past seven years we have worked together on multiple projects. She is creative and her work is extraordinary.

Debbie is a great listener, she is straight forward, and respectful of my ideas. She understands budgets and provides excellent service. Debbie handles every part of the job with great thought and care.

Real Estate Developer West Los Angeles

Debbie is a real life saver!
We did a major addition to our home several years ago but did not think about the furnishings at the time. The idea was just too daunting. I finally realized that this was a project I could not do alone. After meeting with Debbie she presented different ideas on how to furnish the room.
She helped me with my color schemes, wall and window treatment selections, and all the furnishings. She stayed true to the old Spanish style of my home but gave it real current flare. I was so happy with the result of the first room she helped me with, and have since updated four more! I am finally done, and could never have done it without Debbie’s help. I am so grateful to her!!

Tina Loboda

Debbie Levovitz worked with me while I remodeled my house. She helped me choose paint colors, floor colors, and most importantly she helped me choose tiles and finishes for my bathrooms – which truly are stunning. I cannot say enough good things about her. She has impeccable taste and kept the style of my house in line with my own ideas and visions. She directed and guided me to make smart and stylish decisions without ever being over bearing or insulting. She was always available to help – both to choose tile at the store, or to check out links I sent her via email. She is so easy to work with (which is so important when you are working on a big project together). Overall, I was so happy that I chose Debbie as my designer. I loved working with her, I love her taste and most importantly, I love my house!

Judy Portnoy

I have done many projects with Tesserae interior. The designer, Debbie, is not only great to work with but her work is impeccable! I have learned so much from her already. She always goes above and beyond for her clients and that’s why they keep going back to her for other projects. If you want the best then you will get the best with her. Can’t wait to do more upcoming projects with her!

Linda Hayslatt

Debbie is a pleasure to work with. She is managing my kitchen remodel in a professional manner, knowledgeable about all aspects of the project and considerate of my point of view.
Once the project was complete we were delighted with the result. It surpassed our expectations.

Myrna Strapp

Gave us a great design and saved us money through her connections within the industry. Consummate professional who listens first and tailors her strong design skills to meet her customers’ goal.
Commitment to success is over the top — earned through hard work and dedication. Would not do a project without her.

Sam Porgess